March 15, 2016
3:00 PM
South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes
February 2, 2016 (PDF)
University Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2016

Old Business
  1. Program Proposals (David Wade)
  2. Quality Online Programs and Support Services (Debra Bryant)
  3. Summer 2017 Academic Calendar (Julie Stender)
  4. AP Credit (Julie Stender)
  5. Incomplete Grades and Chair Approval (Richard Featherstone)
    • Dropping process and procedure for students that did not fulfill the prerequisites in the past semester.
    • Requiring adjuncts to receive chair approval before providing a grade of incomplete.
  6. Course Fees Task Force Committee (Carole Grady)
  7. School/Discipline Reports
    School/Discipline Reports
    1. School of Humanities Richard Featherstone
    2. School of Science & Technology Eric Pedersen
    3. School of Visual & Performing Arts Jeff Jarvis
    4. Library Rich Paustenbaugh
    5. Faculty Senate Erin/Nancy
    6. Academic Programs & Curriculum Management David Wade
    7. Accreditation Debra Bryant
    8. Institutional Research Andrea Brown
    9. Assessment Director Update Debra Bryant
    10. Student Services Del Beatty
    11. School of Academic & Community Outreach Becky Smith
    12. School of Business & Communications Kyle Wells
    13. School of Education Brenda Sabey
    14. School of Health Sciences Carole Grady
    15. Other