December 5, 2017
3:00 PM
HAZY 361

  1. Academic Council Minutes
  2. UCC Minutes
  3. Other
OLD BUSINESS (Action Items)
  1. Academic Calendars – 2019-2020 Full Term Calendar and Summer 2019 (Julie Stender)
  2. Cell and Molecular Biology-Biochemistry/Support Letters(Rico DelSesto)
  3. Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Art in Design/Degree Maps/Letters of Support (Rachel Ramsay)
  4. Certificate in Social Research Methods
  5. New Department: Accounting and Finance
  6. New Department: Dental Hygiene
  7. Other
New Business – (Information Items)
  1. Student Grade Appeal Process (Richard Featherstone)
  2. Bachelors of Applied Sciences in Health Science Department: Healthcare Diagnostics and Therapeutics (White Paper) (Drew Wilcox)
  3. Honors Program Revision (White Paper) (Jeff Yule)
  4. NWCCU Update (Debra Bryant)
  5. Other