April 9, 2018
3:00 PM
HAZY 361

  1. Academic Council Minutes
  2. UCC Minutes
  3. Provost’s Updates
  4. Pam Cantrell’s Updates
OLD BUSINESS (Action Items)
  1. Moving Registration for Fall 2019 to April 1st (Julie Stender)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics (Vinodh Chellamuthu)
NEW BUSINESS (Information Items)
  1. Priority Registration for the UTSA Executive Council (Ezra Hainsworth)
  1. New Department Name – Department of Computing and Design (Russ Ross)
  2. New Department Name – Biological Sciences Department (Erin O’Brien)
  3. BA/BS Marketing White Paper (Don Fisher)
  4. MS Science Degree in Applied Kinesiology White Paper (Travis Ficklin)
  5. New Program Information Packet (Pam Cantrell)
  6. BS Chemistry 3rd Year Report (Rico DelSesto)
  7. BA/BS Dance 3rd Year Report (Li Lei)
  8. BS Finance 3rd Year Report (Kyle Wells)
  9. New Policies (Pam Cantrell)

    Policy Revisions