April 4, 2017
3:00 PM
Hazy 361

Academic Council Minutes
March 7, 2017
University Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes

  • LIB 1010 – when ENGL 1010D changed its pre-requisites in February, LIB 1010 (a co-req) had to match it. The proposal attached will correct for this.

  • FILM3620 – this course was approved under a different number which might cause confusion for students during the transition. This restores the number originally used when it was a Media class (it also avoids a problem with the number used on the proposal -hence the emergency​).

OLD BUSINESS (Action Items)
  1. Fall 2017 Final Exam Schedule (Julie Stender)

NEW BUSINESS (Information Items)
  1. Accreditation Site Visit (Debra Bryant)

  2. Starfish (Richard Featherstone)

    • How well is it working? Are we going to continue?

  3. Committee Assignment Feedback (Jim Haendiges)

  4. Course Enrollment Concerns (Jim Haendiges)

  5. Deadline Consistency Concerns (Jim Haendiges)

    • Role Statements, Evaluations, etc