March 6, 2018
3:00 PM
HAZY 361

  1. Academic Council Minutes
  2. Summary of UCC Meeting
OLD BUSINESS (Action Items)
  1. Proposed Changes to Online Tuition/Fees (Ryan Hobbs)
NEW BUSINESS (Information Items)
  1. AP and CLEP Grids (Julie Stender)
  2. Moving Registration for Fall 2019 to April 1st (Julie Stender)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics (Vinodh Chellamuthu)
  1. White Paper – Master of Science in Athletic Training (MATr) (Travis Ficklin)
  2. Maker Certificate (David Christensen)
  3. Certificate in Professional Writing (Cheri Crenshaw)
  4. Certificate of General Education (Kevin Simmons)
  5. Global Studies Minor (Clint Buhler)
  6. Global Studies Emphasis for BA/BS in Integrated Studies (Clint Buhler)
  7. (February 6, 2018)ads/sites/18/2018/03/New-Emphases-for-BS-in-Exercise-Science-for-Pre-Physical-Therapy-Pre-Occupational-Therapy-2-27-18.pdf”>BS in Exercise Science Emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy and Emphasis in Pre-Occupational Therapy (Susan Hart)
  8. Minor in Dance (Li Lei)
  9. Program Discontinuations (Pam Cantrell)
  10. Name Change of Existing Unit to College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (Eric Pedersen)
  11. New Program Proposal Information Packet (Pam Cantrell)