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Course Cancellation/Change After Schedule is Live


  1. a. For course cancellation at the request of the Chair, the Administrative Specialist does 3 things:
    • Hides the course from student view by unchecking the box
    • Enters a zero for the waitlist and seat capacity
    • Copies the course roster with student first and last name, D-number, and email (Do not drop students at this time.) Continue to step two below.


  1. b. For course day/time change at the request of Chair, contact Scheduling (Vicki).
  2. Administrative Specialist completes and submits this form—see below. The form is automatically sent to Advising, Registrar’s Office, Scheduling, Bookstore, and Associate Provost for Academic Success.
  3. The department notifies the students of the changes.  If the course is for majors, it is suggested the Chair work with the relevant advisor(s) to find alternative recommendations before notifying students.
  4. Wait time after submitting form—One business day (minimum of 24 hours)—This allows time for advisors to interact with students as needed.
  5. After the 24-hour wait time, Administrative Specialist drops students and then cancels the class.

Course Cancellation
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Course Information

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