Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth


In the Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth Program (HEIY), incarcerated youth earn college degrees through university courses. Most course are delivered through Zoom or face-to-face methods. HEIY is funded by the State of Utah and through the support of generous donors.


Current Statistics:

  • HEIY Students Served – 125
  • Total Credits Earned – 1672.5
  • Average Credits Earned – 13
  • Median GPA – 3.56

Map of JJYS Facilities

Map of all JJYS Facilities in Utah


Nathan Caplin

HEIY Program Director

Email: Nathan.caplin@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4667

Office: NCB 146

Alyssa Clark

HEIY Program Assistant

Email: Alyssa.clark@utahtech.edu