Utah Tech University

Microcredential Developers

To obtain approval for offering an official Utah Tech Microcredential, complete and submit this Microcredential Proposal Form. You will be notified of the Microcredential Oversight Committee’s decision within two weeks.

Microcredentials for Academic Credit

At present, the only Utah Tech microcredentials for academic credit are the certificates embedded within degree programs. These certificates have been reviewed by various curriculum committees and ultimately approved by the Board of Trustees. These certificates are listed on student transcripts and can be acknowledged by a digital badge and need no further approval. If a digital badge is desired for a given certificate, the Utah Tech Microcredential Proposal Form must be completed and submitted entering only the fields required for publishing to the website. You will be notified when the digital badge has been created and is ready to post for distribution to learners.

Non-Academic Credit Microcredentials

Non-academic credit microcredentials may be earned in a number of ways at Utah Tech. A minimum of 10 hours of active engagement by the learner is required for an official Utah Tech Microcredential award.

Here are a few examples:

  • Utah Tech Continuing Education Courses
  • Faculty Professional Development programs
  • Student participation in certain co-curricular activities such as student government.
  • If a faculty member develops a set of workplace-related competencies within a course or across two or more courses that are deserving of special recognition and a student spends 10 hours or more meeting those competencies, the faculty member may wish to award a digital badge. Examples:
    • Advanced 3D Printing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Grant Writing
    • Technical Writing Editor

Note: While these competency sets may be acquired during a course that receives academic credit, the award of a digital badge for successfully completing the competency set adds no additional credit to the course and is therefore considered a non-credit award. The award is for the competencies and not for the course.