On-campus Research

Faculty Mentors

The following table provides on-campus research opportunities. Please email the mentor for further instructions on how to apply. Remember to check back as this page will be updated each semester.

Faculty Research Projects

Mentor Discipline Project Name/Description Contact

College of Business

Derick Esplin, Ph.D. Accounting Upgrading the accounting curriculum: Skills that accounting graduates need in order to have a successful career in accounting. DerrickEsplin@dixie.edu
Shandon Gubler, Ph.D. Business Connecting students with real-world practitioners and monitoring those relations. Dr. Gubler has collected data on 8,318 interactions between students and employers. gubler@dixie.edu

College of Science, Engineering, & Technology

Chris Taylor Biology Advisor for Biology, Pre-Professional and Utah TechPre-Medical Alliance students. For information on the Stanford Research Internship or other opportunities in Biology, do not hesitate to contact Chris. chris.taylor@dixie.edu
Geoff Smith Ph.D. Biology Research on the Side-Blotched Lizards that has been published in different scientific journals. Geoff.Smith@dixie.edu
Curt Walker Ph.D. Biology Study of the canyon tree frogs in Zion National Park. walker@dixie.edu
Rico Del Sesto, Ph.D. Chemistry

Materials Science

Design and synthesis of new chemicals and materials with applications in medicine (antibacterial, antifungal), energy (biofuels, heat transfer fluids), environment (sampling, decontamination, forensics), and optical/magnetic responsive materials. delsesto@dixie.edu
Wendy Schatzberg, PhD

Chemistry Education & Nanomaterials Chemistry


In chemistry education, the projects involve understanding how students learn and use chemistry knowledge in the classroom and laboratory. In nanomaterials, the projects look at the design, synthesis, and analysis of nanomaterials in the laboratory, environment, medicinal, and energetics. schatzberg@dixie.edu
Zhenyu Jin, Ph.D Geography/GIS GIS, Disease and Health Mapping. Research on the application  GIS to monitor and map spread of disease, healthcare issues. Zhenyu.Jin@dixie.edu
Vinodh Chellamuthu, Ph.D.
Mathematics Mathematical Modeling, Ecology, Biology, Data Analytics, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Spread of Disease. Vinodh.Chellamuthu@dixie.edu
Jesse Hicks Ph.D Mathematics Ongoing projects in Mathematical Physics, Differential Geometry, Lie Theory, and Cryptography Jesse.Hicks@dixie.edu
Bhuvaneswari Sambandham (Buna), Ph.D. Mathematics Fractional differential equations and numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations. Buna.Sambandham@dixie.edu
McKay Sullivan. Ph.D
Mathematics Game Theory, Cryptography, Mathematical Physics, Representation Theory & Conformal Field Theory. Mckay.Sullivan@dixie.edu
­­Russell Reid, Ph.D. Mechanical engineering Currently investigating the potential of liquid-based kinetic energy harvesting for biomedical applications. Russell.Reid@dixie.edu

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Florence Bacabac, Ph.D. English

Professional and Technical Writing Emphasis

Writing for Multimedia and the Web. bacabac@dixie.edu
Olga A. Pilkington, Ph.D. English


Language of popular science (presented discourse of scientists), Lab lit (genre of literature that deals with science and scientists). opilkington@dixie.edu
Shauna Wight, Ph.D English Online affinity spaces and literacy learning, how literacy education affects students’ educational trajectories, teaching for transfer. shauna.wight@dixie.edu
Theda Wrede, Ph.D English Literary studies including multicultural, feminist, postcolonial, and environmental criticism in American and world literature. wrede@dixie.edu
Amanda Scott, Ph.D English Victorian literature, gender studies, Native American literature/ tribal identity, Romantic poetry, Civic Engagement. scotta@dixie.edu
Joy McMurrin, Ph.D English/Professional and Technical Writing Writing in the professions. Technical documentation. Web 2.0. Interactive media. Design. Usability. joy.mcmurrin@dixie.edu
Erin Ortiz, Ph.D Organizational Communication Organizational Communication and Service Leadership. Erin.Ortiz@dixie.edu
Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D. Psychology &


Developmental science, practice, and application of interpersonal neurobiology, especially as it applies to Integrative Health. Particularly interested in understanding how early experience contributes to mental and physical health across lifespan. dlarsenrife@dixie.edu
Kristine Olson, Ph.D. Psychology Industrial-Organizational Culture, diversity, work-family interface, gender, and organizational climate applied to the workplace. kjolson@dixie.edu
John Wolfe, Ph.D Philosophy Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, American Pragmatism, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy and Popular Culture. wolfe@dixie.edu
Matt Smith-Lahrman, Ph.D Sociology Qualitative sociology, ethnography, participant observation fieldwork. lahrman@dixie.edu
Raisa Alvarado, Ph.D Communication Studies, Rhetorical and Intercultural Studies Intersectional feminist epistemologies, social movements, intercultural communication, gender communication. raisa.alvarado@dixie.edu
Lish Harris, Ph.D Criminal Justice The effect of supplementary educational programs on juvenile delinquency and research on school shootings. As well as issues of social justice and race and crime. lharris@dixie.edu

College of Health Sciences

Travis Ficklin, Ph.D.  Biomechanics

Exercise Science

Exercise Science, which include Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Measurement and Evaluation.  Research on flail-like motions and sports performance, especially in the realm of the diamond sports baseball and softball. Travis.Ficklin@dixie.edu
Susan Hart Ph.D. Exercise Science Exercise Science, Motor Learning & Bone Density. Comparison of different theories related to attentional focus in a rehabilitation setting. And investigation of factors that affect the development of bone mineral density. Susan.Hart@dixie.edu
Lisa Welch Health Sciences Academic dishonesty in online learning. Undergraduate student knowledge of the oral transmission of sexually transmitted infections lwelch@dixie.edu
Brenda Armstrong MDH Oral Health Care / Nursing Home Health Reserach conducted with the support of Senior Charity Care Foundation (SCCF) and the Utah Dental Hygienists’ Association (UDHA) to study the oral health status of nursing home residents. barmstrong@dixie.edu

College of Education

Lacy Hope, Ph.D. English Post-Doctoral Fellow of English. Her research focuses on the intersections of technology, writing, and public engagement. lacy.hope@dixie.edu
Nancy Ross, Ph.D. Arts and Sciences Teaches interdisciplinary writing, feminism and whiteness. She has researched the history and sociology of the Mormon feminist movement­­. nross@dixie.edu
Mark Jeffreys, Ph.D. English Poetics and ethnographic study of a rural village in British Columbia. jeffreys@dixie.edu

College of Visual and Performing Arts

McGarren Flack
Visual Art Sustainability of art and materials correlating to the art pieces; social constructs and art. flack@dixie.edu
Lauren DiSalvo
Art History 18th-century classical reception. Lauren.DiSalvo@dixie.edu
Jennifer Weber Dance Research engages critical approaches to existing codified dance techniques to reimagine the ways in which the various training methods, practices, and genres of dance can be in conversation. The direct areas of application she investigates are dance pedagogy, creative process, and the individual artist. jennifer.weber@dixie.edu
Bryant Smith
Music 19th Century Mormon Brass Bands and their cultural connections to America Bryant.Smith@dixie.edu
Ka-Wai Yu, Ph.D. Music Doctoral thesis, entitled “When concerto meets song cycle: A study of vocal influences in Robert Schumann’s Cello Concerto in A Minor, OP.129 with reference to his Dichterliebe, OP. 48” Ka-wai.Yu@dixie.edu
Robert Matheson Music Electro-acoustic music performance practice and composition. As well as double bass performance, contemporary music and commercial music. matheson@dixie.edu



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