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Guest Parking

When: If hosting a conference, event, guest lecture, or faculty candidate, first direct guests to our reserved visitor parking (green-marked) spaces located throughout campus. If those parking stalls are full, then a visitor pass will be required and then they can park in the student parking (white-marked) spaces.

How: For large groups, visiting candidates, or extended time periods (days/weeks) go to link below.

General Parking Information can be directed to:

Valerie O’Rourke – Parking Manager
Phone: 435-879-4335

Office: Facilities Management Building, Office 144


Visitor Parking Pass

Institute of Continued Learning--Community Classes for Aging Adults

Institute for Continued Learning is different from Community Education.  They provide their own classes for aging adults.

ICL Website

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Notary On Campus

We have two Notary Publics on campus. One is in the University Police office she will charge $5.00. The other Notary is Shannon Broad in Registration. She won’t charge for her services. Anyone that needs a Notary will need to be sure to bring a valid ID other than their campus ID (like a Driver’s License).

Parent Calling for Student in Hospital

Get the student’s name. Look up his/her ID and current semester schedule. Write down all courses and teacher names and forward the information to Ali Threet, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, and Debbie Millet, Executive Assistant for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, including whatever information was shared by the parent. They will ensure the teachers are notified and appropriate accommodations are made.

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