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Mary McFadden had a woman call her who was helping another woman who escaped a cult. The second woman was sure that she went to Dixie State for four years and got licensed to teach elementary school. She said she had seen her license but her controlling uncle refused to give it to her. She had been working in an elementary school for a few years. They called registration to get her diploma and figure out if she still had a teaching license, but they were told that she wasn’t showing up in Banner. Mary told the woman she would look into it. She looked in all her files and couldn’t find any information about this woman. Mary asked if she was sure that she had gone to Dixie State. All she remembered was that it was about an hour from where she lived. Mary Googled the distance from where she was at to SUU, and it was also about an hour to get there, so Mary informed her that was a possibility.

She then wondered how they could find out her USBE-issued CACTUS number. Mary told her that she could look that up. She looked in the USBE system and couldn’t find a CACTUS number for her. She told her that she would have had to take the PRAXIS test before enrolling in a school for teacher certification, and was told she did take the PRAXIS test and was holding a copy of the Praxis report in her hands at that moment. Mary asked her to take a picture of it and text it.

When Mary got the text, she read the report and realized that this women took the test to become a paraprofessional, not a licensed teacher. Then Mary gave her information on who she could contact for information about becoming a paraprofessional again or becoming a licensed teacher if that were her preference. The point is that Mary made every effort to help this woman when she could have just told her that she was never a student at our school, and good luck with figuring everything out. Now she has an idea of her options, and one of those options is enrolling at Utah Tech.



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Faculty Search expenses will be covered by the Provost’s Office up to $1500.00 per search.

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From student enrollment, faculty classroom assignments to financial statements, see Banner Training page for updated how-to instructions to complete banner tasks.

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For training materials, pcards, and/or RFP instructions, visit the Purchasing Training link.  If you have a question ask purchasing@utahtech.edu.

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All moving expenses with be processed through Human Resources including those expenses covered by colleges/departments.  A tracking spreadsheet has been created to document the process from the offer letter to the paid expense.


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State Travel will need your TA number to book your flight.

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Argos is the system that allows you to pull reports from data entered into banner.  These reports have been designed by IT to pull specific data.  Access to Argos must be granted. For additional information contact IT Administrative Computing.

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