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Administrative Training

Customer Service Highlight

Merilee Gustafson’s office is the “lost and found” department in the Taylor Health Science building.  It plays a small part in my job that does not seem like much but actually provides an important service to help reunite students, faculty and visitors that come to the Taylor building with their lost item.  For the most part, I do not have much face-to-face interaction except for when someone will come to my office looking for their lost item.  Most of the time I do not have their item so I take their information to contact them if the item should be turned in.

The highlight is when someone comes to my office asking if their lost item was turned in and I am able to say that I do have it. This happened not too long ago when a patient from the Dental Clinic on the first floor had left her sweater there. Fortunately, someone found it and brought it to me. When the patient came to my office asking if I had her sweater, she almost cried when I told her that I did have it.  She then proceeded to tell me how special it was to her and that she was so grateful that I had it. It made my day as I chatted with this woman and saw how thrilled she was to be reunited with her lost sweater.  No customer service is too small because it can mean the world to someone else.



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Administrative Training Handbook

Download and edit for individual administrative needs.

Administrative Assistant Handbook

Utah Tech Student Association Verification of Funding Form

Training by Topic

Faculty Search

Faculty Search expenses will be covered by the Provost’s Office up to $1500.00 per search.

Faculty Search Instructions

Sample: Itinerary

Faculty Search Supporting Documents

Faculty Search Expense Template


From student enrollment, faculty classroom assignments to financial statements, see Banner Training page for updated how-to instructions to complete banner tasks.

Banner Training Page


For training materials, pcards, and/or RFP instructions, visit the Purchasing Training link.  If you have a question ask purchasing@utahtech.edu.

Purchasing Training and Help Guides

Moving Expenses

All moving expenses with be processed through Human Resources including those expenses covered by colleges/departments.  A tracking spreadsheet has been created to document the process from the offer letter to the paid expense.


Contact April Ficklin

Workload Database

Institutional Effectiveness Dashboard to view workload history.  Access requires permission to be granted from IE.

Workload Database

Journal Entry--Move an expense

See example identifying the information needed from the budget statement to be emailed to Business Services.

Contact Sarah Shurtliff for questions.


Instructions for moving an expense

Business Services Email

Timeclock and Payroll Approval

To access training for Novatime and Payroll processes, visit the website published for Business Services.


EPAF or part-time staff hiring

For training on entering new part-time staff hiring and student hiring into the EPAF system, visit the HR website.


EMS or Campus Room Scheduling

Scheduling an event or meeting on campus can be done through the below Central Scheduling link. For questions regarding scheduling please contact:

Vicki Shurtz: ext. 4350
Jenny Smith: ext. 7650

Virtual EMS Link

Professional Development

Faculty Professional Development Funding Process:  steps to complete to receive approval for request as well as reimbursement.

Professional Development Signature Process

State Travel

The State of Utah Travel Office: 800-367-3230

State Travel will need your pcard to book the flight.  Use a six digit Chrome River Expense Report ID.

Travel Resources


Argos is the system that allows you to pull reports from data entered into banner.  These reports have been designed by IT to pull specific data.  Access to Argos must be granted. For additional information contact IT Administrative Computing.

Administrative Computing

Steps to Cancel a Class

Cancelled classes will roll over to the next semester, so that if you want to run it then, we’ll just need to activate it. Deleted classes do not roll over, they would have to be rebuilt.


Food Trucks

Dining Services collects the $50 fee.

Sonja Blea manages the Food Truck Fire Permits and Insurance requirements. All food trucks must stay within the selected food truck parking location.  See website below for current approved map.

Regarding electrical cables: The University does not provide power sources for food truck vendors. They are required to provide their own generator as a power source.

Approved Food Truck Map: See Resources