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Faculty Search Supporting Documents

Sample Faculty Search Expense Record
Excel Interview Schedule Template
Faculty Candidate Campus Interview Travel Checklist
Per Diem Time of Day Rules
Courtyard Marriott
Utah Tech Parking Map
Per Diem Allowance

Per Diem for candidates reimbursements

The University has per diem for food, which means they have a set amount for reimbursements- No receipts are necessary (according to the time you leave your house and arrive back home)

Here are the set amounts, which may or may not apply based on the times you leave home and return home. We will take you out to lunch on your Interview day(  )


Breakfast- $11

Lunch – $15

Dinner- $22

Per Diem

Flight Email to Candidate
Driving Directions from Las Vegas to St George
Request Student Ambassador Tour

HR no longer provides campus tours.  To contact the Student Ambassadors at the Utah Tech Welcome Center use the link below.

Request Volunteers

Relocation Allowance from Provost's Office

HR (Tyson Kauer) will initiate all Contracted Service forms with relocation allowances based on signed contracts.

Provost will provide relocation allowance based on the below criteria.  Additional relocation can be negotiated with the Dean.

  • 500-mile radius receive $1,000
  • 501-1,500 miles  receive $1,500
  • 1,501-beyond receive $2,000