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Climate Resilience + Sustainability

Integrating local knowledge and guidance with the most current research and information, this publicly accessible Center will provide a network and think tank to support mitigation strategies while becoming more resilient to the intensifying impacts from climate change.

About the Resource

We aim to be a central resource for Climate Resilience and Sustainability in Southern Utah.

The Climate Resilience and Sustainability resource network is critically necessary to bring people together to create solutions and support in the most significant challenge that we face. Solutions depend on opportunities for the community to connect, but there is no centralized resource that addresses climate change specific to our region.

With Utah Tech’s mission as a polytechnic university and a community partner, and aligned with the Human<->Tech interface, this center will engage the scientific, sociological, and economic areas to help understand the regional impacts of climate change while implementing more significant actions.

Why Sustainability?

The region surrounding Utah Tech and southern Utah is at the heart of the climate change impact zone. This region is experiencing some of the greatest increase in temperatures and decrease in precipitation. In much of our region, average temperatures have already increased by 2° Celsius (4° Fahrenheit) over the last century, which is double the average rate of global temperature rise.

Campus Partners

Sustainability is a Campus initiative.

The Climate Resilience and Sustainability network on campus is critically necessary to bring people together to create solutions and support in the most significant challenge that we face.

Regional and Community Partners

Sustainability and addressing Climate Change is a community initiative and a regional need.

To amplify the consequences of inaction, our region is also among the most vulnerable demographically and economically, including limited opportunities to diversify local economies that depend on highly climate-vulnerable industries (tourism, ranching/farming, and growth). Our region is not prepared to handle the severe outcome of prolonged heatwaves and a lack of resilience to the impacts.

Interested in Partnering?

Our Center is excited to partner with community organizations, individuals, UT campus faculty and staff, and students!

If you are interested in research, outreach, education, or events related to addressing climate change and adopting sustainable practices, please contact us at climate@utahtech.edu

Meet the Team

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Rico Del Sesto, PhD

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Email: rico.delsesto@utahtech.edu
Office: SET 425

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Christie Pondell

Assistant Professor, Environmental Science

Email: Christina.Pondell@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4482
Office: SNOW 225

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Erin O'Brien, PhD

Professor, Biological Sciences, Director of Community and Engaged Learning

Email: Erin.OBrien@utahtech.edu
Phone: (435) 652-7761
Office: SET 520


Apr 21, 2023 Research Symposium 2023

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Climate Support and Sustainability

Email: climate@utahtech.edu

Office: SET 403

Rico Del Sesto


Email: rico.delsesto@utahtech.edu

Office: SET Building