Online Testing Information

DSU policy requires that a minimum of two proctored assignments/tests be given to online students to provide identity verification.  Proctored assignments/tests means that the student must be visually seen by the proctor with a picture ID to ensure that the person doing the assignment or test is indeed the person enrolled in the class.  A comparison then of the work done online and the proctored work should enable the instructor to verify that the student doing the work is the one getting the grade.

To aid in helping you to that end, the testing center provides two forms to be used as follows:

  • Intake Form:

    standard form with a line for instructor signature that indicates that the testing center may “Allow test to be sent to an off-campus proctor.”  The testing center may then send your test to an approved proctored site.

  • Proctor Request Form:

    This form should be available to your students at the beginning of the semester so that they may find an appropriate site in which to conduct their proctored activities.  It includes a section that is completed by the student and a section to be filled out by the potential proctored site.  The student must fill out a form for each test they wish to have proctored not just one for the semester.  They may do it all at once or one at a time but they must do it in advance so that the test is ready and available to them on the day they actually need the test.  Right now policy provides for college testing centers and libraries as possible sites but we don’t yet have a list of pre-approved sites from which to choose.  Students can contact our Testing Center for information.

The forms can be found by clicking on the links above and also found on the Testing Center Forms page.  It would be best to use the link rather than a preprinted PDF copy so that one is always using the most current form.