Utah Tech University IRB

Are you new to the IRB application process?

Let us walk you through each step and assist you with your first Utah Tech University human subjects research application.

Pre-Application Process

  1. Familiarize yourself with the resources available to you.
  2. Write a summary of your study. This is optional but usually very essential for your own research plan to ensure good science.
  3. Use the summary of your study to eventually help fill out the IRB application. (Remember, a formal, written proposal is not required for UT IRB applications).
  4. Determining your recruitment procedures and consider obtaining a 3rd party to recruit, if applicable.
  5. Determine how you will obtain consent, then design and possibly even test your consent process.
  6. Complete human subjects research training (CITI).
  7. Download the IRB Application.
  8. Review Examples of IRB Application Sections Guidance Document for help when filling out the application.
  9. Fill out the UT IRB Application.

Submit Application

  1. Ensure your application is completed and signed. Be sure PI and the PI’s Chair (or Dean, if PI is Chair) has signed the application.
  2. Gather all documents needed for your submission packet in PDF form.
  3. Email all documents to: IRB@utahtech.edu


IRB Application Packet Submissions