The Undergraduate Research Office (URO) Student Grant Program provides funding opportunities to support student research, innovation, and creative activities. The goal of this program is to support students with funding to advance their independent projects and allow them to contribute to the research activities on campus and to the general knowledge base in their academic discipline. Funding must be used to directly impact the proposed project, with the expectation that students will make significant progress on the project, and grow as a professional through an educational and meaningful experience. Awards are limited to $250 maximum for single applicant, or $500 per project if 2 or more students are co-applying for this grant.

Rolling basis application until March 10, 2023. We aim to notify awardees a couple of weeks later.

Eligible expenses for projects include direct costs related to carrying out the proposed project such as materials, supplies, facilities and instrument costs, and participation fees. Funding from this grant cannot be used to cover expenses such as travel costs; patent fees or associated costs of writing and filing for patents, copyrights, or trademarks; any type of salary, wage, stipend, or benefit for DSU students or employees; or to cover tuition or student fees. These funds cannot be used for costs associated with class projects, or where course fees are used to cover costs. Student independent projects and senior capstone projects are allowed in this application. Please note that all equipment, materials, and supplies purchased through this grant are property of DSU and not the awardee.

The Small Grant program MAY NOT be used for travel. Please apply for a Travel Grant if you are requesting funds for travel of any type. Applications for travel grants can be submitted here – TRAVEL GRANTS

For more information on how your application will be reviewed and scored, please see the general rubric at this site –

We also recommend you work with your mentor to be sure to address the necessary information as is relevant to your academic discipline.

Student Grant Application for Research, Innovation, and Creative Projects
Eligibility Statement: I am currently an enrolled undergraduate student at Dixie State University and will be at the time the funds will be used. *
Summer projects are allowed if the student is enrolled full time the previous Spring semester AND will be enrolled the following Fall semester.


List multiple by First Name Last Name, separated by commas



Only current UT faculty (professors) or Certified Mentors may serve as mentors for URO funding programs. Please contact the Research Office if you are unsure if the mentor is certified.


Summary should include (1) a brief background, (2) goal(s) of the project, (3) method(s) to be used in this project, and (4) expected outcome(s). The URO may use this summary in public settings celebrating the UT's undergraduate student researchers. 500-word limit.
250 word limit


All requested funds must be applied directly to the applicant student’s research. Awards are limited to $250 maximum for single applicant, or $500 per project if 2 or more students are co-applying for this grant.
If budget will support other expenses, such as interviews or participation fees, please provide a brief explanation of how that funding will be used.
Students are encouraged to apply to at least one other funding source (your Department, College, CUR, Student Government, etc).


Small Grant recipients must agree to the following conditions. Please check next to each box below to indicate your understanding and acceptance of these conditions.
I will use any awarded funds only as indicated in my proposed budget. Any changes to the proposed budget must be approved by the URO, and any unused funds are forfeited and returned to the Undergraduate Research Office after a period of two semesters. *
I will acknowledge support from the Utah Tech University Undergraduate Research Office in the dissemination of the research. *
I will submit a final report within 60 days of the end of the project. *
I will present the results of my project at the Regional Research Symposium in the Spring following implementation of this project. *
I agree that the Undergraduate Research Office may use information about my project and award for promotional purposes. *
I understand that failure to meet these expectations may result in a forfeiture of the award and ineligibility to participate in other Undergraduate Research Office programs. *
By adding your name below, you are acknowledging that the information included above is your original work and you will adhere to the conditions and eligibility requirements for this program.

Read this before you submit your application: Once you click “Submit Application,” you will receive an email confirmation to your Dmail listed above. FORWARD the email to your Faculty Mentor to provide them with a copy of your application. We will not consider your application until your faculty mentor has completed the Faculty Mentor portion of your Small Grant application. The Undergraduate Research Office is collecting data to determine the demographics of our students participating in undergraduate research. This information is anonymous and can not be used to evaluate your application. Please go to this site to answer some questions. Thank you!