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Trailblazer Journal of Research and Innovation

The Trailblazer Journal of Research and Innovation seeks manuscripts that highlight innovative and research-based practices from across a range of subjects. Readers of this publication represent a vide variety of disciplines, so it is important that the work is appropriate for a broader audience. We ask that you thoroughly explain concepts with which readers outside your discipline may be unfamiliar. This requirement does not entail that you have to sacrifice the academic rigor of your work. Your article must be original; however, we will accept multiple submissions and previously published work (with the written consent of other publishers). It is the author’s responsibility to obtain consent for republication and to submit this document along with the work to be reprinted. Trailblazer Journal of Research and Innovation is an open-access journal published online once a year by students and faculty at Utah Tech University. There are no submission fees.

Appropriate Submissions

  • The welcome high-quality, blinded manuscripts (4,000 to 6,000 words in length, including all references, figures, tables, and elements) with related citations and references that are formatted according to the conventions of the relevant discipline. Use this guide ​for reference. We will consider book reviews but not creating writing (for publication of creative works consult Southern Quill and/or Route 7). Manuscripts will be evaluated on their originality, significance, scholarship, audience appeal, organization, and clarity of writing.

Preparing Your Manuscript

  • All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to opilkington@utahtech.edu . Use the
    subject line: RESEARCH JOURNAL SUBMISSION in all CAPS.
  • Text should be double-spaced in 12 point font; use doc, .docx, or .rtf files. Do not number your pages.
    2.1. Readability
  • Write your article in first person to enhance readability. Avoid unnecessary use of passive voice.
    2.2. Organizational and visual appeal
  • Make every effort to include subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists, figures and tables, or other visual elements in the text to increase readability and visual interest.

Number the sections/subsection in the following way:

  1. Level one heading 1.1., Level two heading (subheading) 2.3., Author Information.
  2. Include your name/the names of your co-authors and contact information in a separate file titled BIO_Last Name.
  3. For manuscripts with multiple authors, indicate the corresponding author.
  4. Provide a 100-word professional bio for each author (include school, degree, professional/research interests, publications/presentations).

Required Elements
The following elements must be included:

  • Abstract of 100-150 words, written in the third person and without citations.
  • One blinded copy of the manuscript. To prepare this version, remove author names and affiliations from bylines, replace references to your own and to coauthors’ published work simply with “Author (year)” in text and in reference list (that is, delete publication titles), and mask any city, state, institutional affiliation, or links to personal websites.
  • A review statement from your mentor indicating that your work is original, fulfills the standards of the discipline, and is free of factual errors (see form below).

3.1. Optional elements:

Permission to republish (see form below).Email Olga Pilkington at opilkington@utahtech.edu if you have any questions. Include RESEARCH JOURNAL QUESTION in the subject line.


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