UCUR 2022

GENERAL SCHEDULE FOR UCUR 2022 (Full schedule and program link below):

                            7:00AM – Registration/Check-In Opens – Eccles lobby main floor

                            8:30 AM – Opening Remarks and Keynote Presentation


                           10:00 AM – 4:00 PM –  Student Presentations

                           11:30 AM – 2:00 PM – Lunch (open) – see recommended times in detailed schedule


Candice Hansen-Koharcheck, Planetary Science Institute

The Exploration of Ocean Worlds

In 2005 data from the Cassini spacecraft, in orbit around Saturn, showed giant jets of water spurting from Saturn’s moon Enceladus.  Further investigation showed that this moon has a subsurface ocean with the conditions to be habitable.  Planetary scientist Dr. Hansen will discuss her role in this investigation, and the implications for future exploration and the study of oceanography and astrobiology in the outer reaches of our solar system.

Dr. Candice Hansen-Koharcheck is a senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, and she works on NASA robotic spacecraft missions.  She has a Ph.D. in Planetary Science from UCLA. She was a Co-Investigator on the Cassini Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph team.  Currently she is a member of the flight teams for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Trace Gas Orbiter, at Mars, the Juno mission, in orbit around Jupiter, and the Europa Clipper, in development.

Virtual ZOOM Links for each session below:


Session            Zoom Link
Business 1A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/87089103315
Business 2A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/82453284003

Education 1A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84987855623 
Education 1B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84987855623

Health 1A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83759515493 

Health 3A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/87971204055
Health 3B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/87971204055

Health 4A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/81745064278
Health 4B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/81745064278

Health 5A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/88353659419
Health 5B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/88353659419

Humanities 1A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84204716627
Humanities 1B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84204716627
Humanities 1C   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84204716627

Humanities 2A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83029246593
Humanities 2B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83029246593

Humanities 3A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84452320697
Humanities 3B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84452320697
Humanities 3C   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84452320697

Humanities 4A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/85360881742
Humanities 4B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/85360881742
Humanities 4C   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/85360881742

Humanities 5A  https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84717619514
Humanities 5B  https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84717619514
Humanities 5C   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/84717619514

Science 1A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/89907561410
Science 1B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/89907561410

Science 2A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/89037362821

Science 2D   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/85003803158
Science 2E   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/85003803158

Science 3D   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/88534556159
Science 3E   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/88534556159

Science 4D   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83025586002
Science 4E   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83025586002

Science 5D   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83566373890
Science 5E   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83566373890

Science 6A   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/89251273466
Science 6B   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/89251273466

Science 6D   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83403018799
Science 6E   https://dixiestate.zoom.us/j/83403018799

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