Utah Tech University

Program Changes


  • Name Change of Existing Program
  • Program Restructure with or without Consolidation
  • Program Transfer to a new Academic Department or Unit
  • Program Suspension
  • Program Discontinuation, or Reinstatement of Previously Suspended Program.

All Program Changes

Proposal Steps:

Note: Changes to programs cannot be advertised until the next catalog year to prevent disruption of students’ catalog rights.

  1. The program proposal originator (Faculty or Department Chair (DC)) submits proposal using the Program Inventory Management (PIM) tool to the department queue. *Don’t forget to update the graduation plan along with the degree requirements.
  2. DC reviews proposal and if the DC agrees, submits proposal to the CIM college queue.
  3. College Admin (CA) adds to the College Curriculum Committee (CCC) agenda.
  4. If approved at the CCC, the CA submits proposal to the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) Secretary two weeks before the UCC meeting.  If the new program includes a fee, the fee must be approved by the Fee Committee before it can be added to the UCC agenda. (See below)
  5. If approved at the UCC, the UCC Secretary submits proposal to the Academic Council (AC) Secretary to be included on the AC agenda.
  6. If approved at AC, the Curriculum Office shepherds proposal through the remaining approval process. See Program Approval Tracker for the remaining approval process.
  7. If approved at all levels, the Curriculum Office alerts the DC & Advisors.
  8. The Catalog Administrator adds the changed program to the next Catalog (only published once per year) and to DegreeWorks.
  9. The Department Chair verifies the degree is correct in the catalog & Degreeworks.