Academic Planning Tools


Program and department performance data include the trends in enrollment, intercurricular Dependencies, student progress, and opportunities for expansion or consolidation. This data is gathered from the EAB Academic Performance Solutions –APS.  Follow the instructions included in the template provided by the curriculum office.




The Overview Curriculum Map below enables faculty members to create a sylabus alignment map that shows the alignment of course learning outcomes (CLOs) to program learning outcomes (PLOs) to UT institutional outcomes (ILOs), and UT Core Values. It will be useful going forward as annual, 3rd year, and 7th year reports become due. In consultation with the Office of Curriculum, the map can be adjusted anytime changes are made within the program.


PLO to CLO Maps: Examples from Syllabus

Example: Syllabus Alignment Map (STEM Endorsement)

Example: Syllabus Alignment Map (BA/BS in Dance)

Example: Syllabus Alignment Map (AAS in PTA)