Utah Tech University

Department Annual Reports


The purpose for the Department Annual Review is twofold—first, it will serve as a tool to build progress toward the 7 Year Review report; second, and most important, it will keep you informed of institutional mission fulfillment, progress in meeting departmental instructional mission and goals, and position you to act quickly to address problems that may emerge using the most recent data.

The report is intended to be a snapshot of how your department is doing and need not be a full-blown self-study. Focus on assessing a subset of program learning outcomes (PLOs) rather than all of them. Part of this Department Annual Review report will be the identification of which learning outcomes will be assessed between now and when the next 7 Year Review report is due in preparation for the NWCCU site visit. Parts I and II will need only minor adjustment in the years following the first time you complete the report. The main focus is on Part III. The finished product need not be long or tedious. Five pages or less is very acceptable, but the ultimate length is up to you—include what is useful to your department.


Department Annual Reports are due to the Dean by June 30. The due date for submitting the final copy with the Dean’s comments to the Curriculum Office is July 15. Debriefing interviews occur with the Provost during July and August.

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