Three-Year Program Review Reports

Every new degree program in the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) must present this report in December after three complete years students have been enrolled in the program. The Director of Curriculum will notify program directors early in the year that the reports are due.

The intent of the report is to present an overview of what is working, what is not, and what is being done to address deficiencies. The report has two major steps. First, gather the needed information and assessment results; and second, synthesize pertinent information to the USHE form.

When completed and approved by the Dean, the USHE form is electronically submitted to the Director of Curriculum, and goes through an approval process that includes Academic Council and the Board of Trustees. Upon approval, the from is then submitted to USHE. After the 3rd Year Report is completed, a new program is not singled out again for reporting purposes. Rather, it is included in the annual and 7-year departmental reporting cycles thereafter


USHE 3 Year Report Template.pdf

UT 3-Year Report Example (BA/BS in Individualized Studies)

UT 3-Year Report Example (BS in Exercise Science)